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Chiplun, Break free of Goa

by on July 20, 2007

chiplun-pashuram-temple.jpgChiplun lies along the banks of the Vashishti River, just shy of the Konkan coast, almost half highway to Goa from Mumbai. Chiplun is like a host undemanding of its guests but always solicitous. No dazzling attractions force you choose, there are always wide green vistas to gaze upon and beautiful points drive to. Also, enough good food and purchases will interleave your interlude.

You can cover all of Chiplun in 1 day and the other day you can view places outside Chiplun. I rented a car for sightseeing, basically my hotel did the booking part for me, however you can also get the auto rickshaws. Most places are easy to find in Chiplun, despite the fact that most of the roads don’t have names.

Pethe Parshuram Village near Chiplun is a dreamy, times-gone- by air, which belies its uniqueness and its significance to the people of the Konkan. According to my guide, Parshuram, a hot-tempered saint gave up all his land to prove to his guru that he was a true sanyasi. He came to Pethe Parshuram, the legend continues, and in characteristics anger, threw his mighty axe into the churning sea, which at that time, presumably, came right up to Chiplun. The water receded up to the point where his axe landed. Pethe Parshuram is today a clean, one cobbled stone street village that makes a quite living from tourists who come to the temple and buy knick-knacks from the surrounding shops.

chiplun-river.jpgVashishti River is 20 minutes from the highway. You can do boating, and while you enjoy the boat ride you might also view crocodiles. You can fish also for which you do not require a permit.All restaurants are called hotels in this place and hotels are called lodging so don’t be confused.

You can stay at Gateway Riverview Lodge, Hotel Royal Palace and Motel Vanashri and many more. There are few restaurants like Taj’s Riverside for Konkani cuisine, Pethe Vishranti Graha for papad and there are many dhabas to eat also.

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