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Garhmukteshwar, weekend destination from Delhi

by on August 22, 2007

garhmukteshwar.jpgI read about Garhmukteshwar in an article and looked for its map. It wasn’t very far plus what my guidebook suggested it was the closet to Delhi where the sacred Ganga flows. It was enough for me to get into my car and head off down the Delhi Lucknow highway on Saturday morning to hit the closest weekend getaway from Delhi.

Two hours later, at a fork on the road, a series of stalls, all selling modhas in various shapes, sizes and colours appeared and where they ended the Ganges showed up almost suddenly at a place called Brijghat.

Garhmukteshwar is like mini Banaras. The main attraction is the Ganges and the bathing ghat along it. The Ganges here can be seen flowing water as far as the eyes can see. The river here was of the colour of cold coffee, but unlike how she is at Haridwar and Rishikesh; the Ganga is much cleaner here. As there are no pieces of legs or length of arms that suddenly appears out of water, and there is no creepy feelings when you stick your legs in the water.

Along the left bank is a large marble platform that overlooks the river. In the middle of this is a walk away, I walked to its edge and stood looking at the scene around me. At the water’s edge was a line of small boats bobbing up and down. And in a break between two boats, a few pilgrims were taking a dip in the river. Next to the walkway, a series of flights of steps or ghats led to the river. And from its edge few boys were diving into the water from a mud flat to gather the coins which pilgrim’s offers to the river.

I went boating for Rs.100 and crossed the bathing ghat to the farms on the other shore. The ride took half an hour, but since it had rained recently, the river was full.Then the Ganga Devi temple is on the road that goes to Garhmukteshwar, the village near the Ganga is quite old and famous. From this temple the road twists and turns through the sleepy town of Garhmukteshwar.

Follow the twists for five minutes and you will reach a gate with an archway and a large bell hanging at its centre. Inside is a complex of temples, surrounding a central courtyard: Jarkandeshwar Temple in the north, a Shiva temple in the centre, a Kali temple in the left and a Hanuman temple at the entrance. In front is the well that gives the name to the place as Nakka Kuan.

After the temples I went to view the chattris of local Gurudwara. It is said that at Garhmukteshwar the Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur has said to release Raja Nakh from the curse of the celestial being Rambha, who had turned him into snake.

There is no hotel in Garhmukteshwar to stay however towards Amroha side and 10kms from Garhmukteshwar is the Vasant Continental hotel and Midway Mortal approx 15 km.

  1. sateesh permalink

    Thnx all those who have shared the information….good job

  2. very interesting, glad i ran into your posting.

  3. I’ve been reading your blog once in a while and decided to reply for the first time, thank you for writing all of this.
    love it!

  4. As iam from the same place & found it quite peacefull place.
    This place is also famous for sugarcane.when ever any one goes there pl.try atleast one from my side.
    Now whendid you are coming.

  5. I had chance to go to Garhmukteshwer and I find this city and Ganga Ghat more clean tha Haridwar and Varanasi.

  6. Shashank Saxena permalink

    Hi, I am interested to visit this place.. Kindly any one suggest the best root.

  7. satish kumar permalink

    hello friends
    i am satish kumar ,from (banthala) ghaziabad.
    i am student of MSc. botany we are going to garhmukteshwer,following days ,realy this is very nice place ,lots of temple is there and it is a good place for study of biodiversity,

  8. Sumit Ku Gupta permalink

    hello every body
    I am Sumit Kr Gupta from Mohla Takur Dwara Targali ……..
    Garhmukteshwar is a very small town but people of garhmukteshwar are helpfull of each other…….
    there are a many good place like Ganga Mandir, Nakka kua mandir, Durga mandir etc…….

  9. Neha permalink

    hello everybody

    I m from Garhmukteshwar only.
    I insist every person should atleast visit this place one time in his/her life.
    It wud really be a great experience.

  10. Garhmukteshwar is only place where asthi visarjan is done. This is the place where the gan of Lord Shiva get mukti so the place is called Garhmukteshwar.

  11. sakshi permalink

    hi every body

    I am from garhmukteshwer. its a holy place. there is many tempels. its famous for three things and these things are-
    1. Bandar
    2. Mandir
    3. Khandar

    its a mini haridwar. kartik m ganga snan ka mela lagta h.

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