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Goan Food

by on January 31, 2011

Goan FoodSo what exactly is that makes the Goan food so much special? Is it the way it is cooked? Or is it the ingredient thing? Is it the style, the passion or the restaurants? Well, to be really honest I would say that it’s the combination of all.

The food in this enchanting place is seriously special which ever way you look at it and here is why……

What makes the Goan food so special?

The ingredients are of course the key factor that determines the quality of any dish. And Goa is one place which excels in this thing. Goa being a coastal state has the main food as fish only. Rice is main companion thereby resulting into immense variety if fish curries.

Especially during the monsoons, the diet of the local people changes a lot because the variety and numbers of fresh fish available shows a dramatic decline. Hence, during these times a Goan person mainly eats more of chicken, pork and Indian vegetable curries!

Despite being centered primarily on seafood’s, the range of Goan food dishes is simply massive; Prawns, gin, oysters, mussels and many more are all available easily in any respectful restaurant and at very reasonable rates.

Well, be ready to find most of the Goan dishes as hot and spicy in taste. Still, that doesn’t means that coolers cuisines are not at all available – you just have to ask for it!

The foods of Goa have a huge influence of Portuguese. Alongside, it does have some impact of changing ‘Konkan’ traditions.

Some popular Goan Dishes

Here is my personal selection of some of the most delicious and famous Goan Dishes:

Spicy Pork Vindaloo

Ah! For many like me who love Goa and Goan foods will definitely feel refreshed just after the reading the name itself…

Roast chicken – Exclusive Goan Style

Simply just like a Punjabi roast chicken, but what actually makes it different is five types of spices used in its cooking. Served with Coco nut sauces, this is truly a divine thing!

Apa De Camarao

This typical seafood dish is made out of prawns.

Goan Fish Curry

A must-try in the world of seafood cuisines – once will try, you’ll definitely come back to this place again! Made with garlic, chillies, goanspices, Haldi Powder, pepperand Tamarind, it is simply delectable!

Shark Ambot Tik

The Portuguese dish has got its name from Sour (tik) and Spicy Ambot) and is classic amongst tourists.

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