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Manipur Tourism – A Slice of Switzerland

by on July 14, 2011

Manipur TourismAre you planning a holiday to Northeast India but not sure which destination to choose, Manipur travel can add whole lot of fun and excitement to your holiday. From tranquil landscapes, adventurous wildlife, floating islands to warm hospitality, the place is simply spectacular.

Manipur is located in northeast part of India. The beautiful land shares its boundaries with Nagaland in north, Mizoram in south and Assam in west and in east it shares international border with Myanmar.

Where to Go


Imphal is Manipur’s capital and hence, an important hub of culture and all commercial acitivity. The beautiful city is surrounded by 7 beautiful hill ranges.

Khwairamband bazaar: The famous bazaar also known as ‘Ema Keithel’
will let you have a glimpse of matriarchal set up of Manipur. It is the largest market in the country run by women. You can pick up traditional Manipuri handlooms like shawls, clothes, bags, baskets, household tools, and lot more as souvenirs. A lot tourists shop cane and bamboo handicrafts here.

War cemetery:
The War cemetery remembers the Indian and British soldiers who died during World War II. It looks serene and is very-well maintained portraying brave stories of soldiers.
Shri Govindajee Temple: The temple possesses simple structure, with twin domes, a courtyard and a huge raised congregation hall. The temple is immensely sacred to Vaisnavites.

Gambhir Singh shopping complex: Want to buy those shirts and shoes worn by rock stars? Well, this is the place from where you can buy them. Shop for latest international fashion accessories, or get yourself a creative tattoo from a tattoo shop.

Loktak Lake and Sendra Island

About 48 km from Imphal, Sendra Island is an elevated hill located in the center of Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in northeast. The scenic island opens up an exquisite panorama of many small islands with glistening blue waters and rich aquatic flora. Loktak is like a small inland sea with glittering stretches of water. It is an ideal place to enjoy water sports like boating, canoeing and others.

Keibul Lamjao National Park

The national park is located about 53 km from Imphal, on the border of Loktak Lake. It serves as home to endangered species of Sangai deer. The unique feature of this national park is that it floats on water.


A place to experience little bit of Myanmar; Moreh is located 110 km from Imphal, on the territory of Tamu. A bustling commercial hub of northeast, tourists can enjoy the benefits of rupee while shopping here. You can easily get a good bargain on a range of Chinese, Burmese and Thai electronic gadgets, carpets and clothes.


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    Very informative article.
    why you have stopped writing . no article since july.
    please provide some information about kerla and Goa

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