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Southern Culinary delights in Delhi

by on January 10, 2011

Hindi word dakshin means south and dakshin is synonymous with what is possibly the best southern Indian food in Delhi.

The first floor of the Hotel Sheraton in Saket, Delhi, Dakshan is a truly a cozy heaven for lovers of south Indian food. The environment and hospitality match the standards of any five star hotels, but leaving all things aside, food is definitely the one prime reason for so much talk about the place.

Just like any other typical place where you would whole-heartedly let someone else to place an order for you, that’s what Dakshin is about. The thick menu with pages scribbled with innumerous culinary delights of south India, the Dakshin menu is truly worth getting lost in. My personal advice here is to (always!) commence the journey to divine meal with meen pollichyadu (fish wrapped in banana leaves) and after that leave on the waiter, he’ll diligently guide you through the choice of your dinner. Other best way, is to invite a south Indian friend for dinner here and let him pick his favourites.

Heart melting fragrance of fish and prawn curries, of daals and vegetables can stimulate hunger pangs of the one with no stomach for food. The meat is too good, but I would personally recommend a No to chicken here because fish is what tops the list of delectable foods here.

A little more advice. Firstly, the chutneys before the meal are simply a divine experience. Though not easy but still try to munch them less so as to save space in your tummy.

Secondly, appams are a must-try. It is definitely one of the major reasons for why I keep coming here: a little sweet and heavenly delicious, soon you’ll find yourself visiting the place especially for them.

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