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Fishing for peace in Himalayas

by on December 6, 2010

I and my gang of friends forever look for recreational places in hills, serenity and harmony quotient subject to alter depending on the season and our inclination to adventure. Well, this time around, we all found a bit of both in the small town of upper Dharamshala – McLeodganj.

As always, we commenced our journey from Delhi in a super deluxe bus and it was a peaceful one for most part of the 12 hours that it took to reach McLeodganj, I was asleep. On arrival, for once we were stunned to find its first look which resembled like a mini Paharganj in all its small by-lanes and people walking in every direction, looking confused as all were.

We checked into the hotel that we first saw on the main road opposite to bus stand. The hotel was quite comfortable and of course affordable. The climate for most part of our stay was quite soothing, sometimes even repressing us to wear half sleeved clothing, till it rained, which it did once, forcing us to switch to wear woolens overnight, but then at last it’s the pleasure of the volatile valley weather.

The place that would most appeal to an art enthusiast is just a few kilometers downhill towards Dharamshala that leads to the Kangra museum, which boasts of a fossil of the tooth of an elephant dating a million and a half years ago as well as some miniature Kangra paintings that are quite a feast for the eyes.

For those wanting to learn about power of meditation and take short course on visions, there is this ubiquitous sounding ‘Asho’ ashram that conducts such kind of courses. The town houses a wide variety of restaurants and cafes for eternally starved people like us. Moon Peak café and Chocolate Log rates the highest on my palate contentment list. Moon Peak café is perfect for a wonderful breakfast of freshly prepared salads and sandwiches, clubbed with a panoramic view of the Kangra valley on side of the café’s sitting area.

Another must-see is Bhagsu waterfall. An adventurous walk up to the waterfall’s mouth and a sit by it side is amazing feeling. Discovering the entire valley by foot and simultaneously carrying small souvenirs from the local market can be unparalleled feeling.

McLeodganj is truly a paradise. The place has lots and lots of untouched beauty. In all, make sure you carry enough warm clothing, no matter what the season is. Also, a handy map of the town to ensure lesser bedlam can make your holiday a fabulous one.

But most important of all, one thing of utmost importance is the perfect travel partner.

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