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Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

by on December 1, 2010

In the ancient city of Hyderabad, at the roads where history, culture, prayer and indulgence converge, lies Laad Bazaar. A lively street which begins at famous Charminar’s foot, Laad Bazaar is not just a part of Hyderabad history perhaps also a locality where culture thrives. As per locales, the bazaar was set up the former ruler Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah as a shopping destination for guests attending his daughter’s wedding. The proud father named the Bazaar after his beloved daughter Laad. And till date innumerous Muslim brides and grooms come here to shop for their wedding trousseau.

Laad Bazaar serves as a shopping destination of women of all religions, cultures looking for mellifluous bangles. The place is not at all a good hunt for voyeuristic tourist looking for some memento. In fact Laad Bazaar is for all those who love to travel and experience places like a local and for those who desires to see the single largest lac and stone bangles market of the country.

There are very few places in Hyderabad that are as much popular as this market. Shops in Laad Bazaar have been around for decades now; some of them even a century old, hence finding men of three generations running a store here is not un-common. Street side racks, showcased stores and push-carts, everywhere you will discover mind-boggling display of variety of bangles. Shopkeepers here are always keen to narrate stories of Laad Bazaar. Well, one of them is actually true which says that it’s one of the only places in the country with more than 40 bangle shops under one roof. With cost ranging from Rs.6 to Rs.10, 000, the bazaar holds bangles for everyone, from little kind to glamorous celebrities. Gossip hosts, the shopkeepers will make conversation spicy while convincing the guests to buy them.

One of the kinds is lightweight bangles. Locals claim that a single sneeze can send them shooting 6 feet in the air and a laugh can blow them 8 feet away. Adding interest and pepper in their trade, many have christened certain bangles with interesting names like Jeena teri gali mein – meaning living in your streets and Shehensha kada- King of bangles.

While you’ll stun at the variety on offer, one variety that will definitely mesmerize you with its shimmer is the expensive and beautifully hand-crafted lac bangles, made by experienced craftsmen whose families are into this trade since ages. With hundreds or even thousands of glittering colourful stones embedded into them, these bangles are a pleasure to look and wear. The process of making bangles is truly a time-consuming and delicate affair, as amazing as the end product itself. And in case you have a keen desire to know how your bangle became so pretty, you can always request the shopkeeper to take you to his workshop to see how bangles are made.

Though bangles are the main limelight in the market, in reality Laad Bazaar is not just about what you can purchase there. It’s mainly about the experiences of life you go through in this lane, for here you’ll encounter true-blue locals who reflect their heritage like obsolete couture costume. Warm, friendly and gracious, they are ever ready to talk to strangers, offer them a drink and share stories of their live which the visitors can carry back as memories. So, if you are really keen to experience Hyderabad’s culture, it’s hospitality, Laad Bazaar should be destination choice.

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  1. Royaleriviera Resort Webmaster permalink

    Hyderabad is one of the best place in south india to live. It is some what special for Women. You can find Laad Bazaar at Charminar where Women can do shopping.

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