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A visit to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

by on November 15, 2010

Chirping of birds on a rooftop has always been successful in captivating my attention and often leading me to follow their hopping. Birds, the colourful flying creatures have always remained really close to my heart since my childhood days. I personally believe that birds are one of the best creations by nature. The small, colourful birds with melodious voices are truly fascinating.

So, to enjoy the best glimpse of this mysterious creature I recently visited Keoladeo National Park, popularly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary situated in Rajasthan. It’s amongst the world’s best wet land ecosystems that support more than 350 birds’ species. The rich collection of birds makes the place a true paradise for bird lovers, a perfect spot for bird photographers and of course a research platform for Ornithologists.

To enjoy this mystic place to the fullest, I arranged a room for me and my friend Subu in the Bharatpur Forest Lodge. The lodge is situated in the mid of the sanctuary which offers simply magical views of the forest. The very next morning after having our breakfast me and my friend took our cameras and dived deep into the woods.

No vehicle is allowed in this place; therefore the place can be only visited approved cycle-rickshaws that function inside the park or via an electric van. But for me and my friend the favourite way was to explore it was on foot following jungle trail. In the middle of the jingle the serenity of nature is shattered via bird’s cacophony. It’s really tough to identify any particular bird’s sound among all this noise.

We wandered here and there following one bird after another. I tremendously enjoyed this colourful and energetic hide and seek game with birds. Each time I tried to pay attention on one particular species, very soon the concentration was shattered by another beautiful bird which came nearby making a melodious sound.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is home to huge varieties of birds. Few of them are Spoonbills, Pelicans, Flycatchers, Wheatears, Hawks, Buntings, Warblers, Ibis, Larks, Pipits, Cranes, Grey Herons, Eagles and several more.

In the middle of the sanctuary, there is this lovely pond which is the main attraction and center stage for all the birds’ activities. Truly, the visit to the sanctuary is the most fascinating experiences of my life till date. While seeing many species of birds, you can also get involved in fun activities like playing, singling, dancing and eating here. Until it started becoming dark, we both friends stayed back at the pond to enjoy the roosting of birds. It’s the time when birds returns to their respective nests in evening time and in groups they make really loud noise. It is the best time to watch so many species at one time.

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