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What not to take on your India Trip

by on November 1, 2010

Once, while in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, I made up my mind to discard some of my baggage. For about 3 months continuously I had been carrying around two stupid heavy bags and now one of them had to go. I decided to fill one of the bags with my important items and remove the unwanted goods and gift them to some grateful beggar. Well, surprisingly, on that particular morning I faced hard time finding a beggar, I must have been the only person in this country desiring eagerly to be begged from – yet for hours there was no one to hear my pleas. When I finally encountered one, he extended his hands in heartfelt prayer; he was totally amused and annoyed when I handed over him my whole bag. Before the man could complain me, I quickly turned my back and ran.

My weighty hardship had, in part, been caused by fictitious advice from a supposedly authoritative help book. It instructed to carry such things like a mosquito net and an extra sheet and – even a sink plug.

1. Mosquito nets: In one hundred hotel rooms, from North to South, I hardly found anything to hook the thing on to. Moreover, mosquitoes in India is just a over hyped statement and I hardly encountered them in such numbers that they would disturb or interrupt my sleep.

2. Sheets: Well, a very small fraction of Indian hotels would lack sheets; hence carrying them in your luggage would be unnecessary.

3. Sink and Bath plug: People in India hardly prefer to take baths in tubs. So, customarily, your hotel room won’t be equipped with such a self-indulgent foreign item. Well, as for the sink, if there is no plug – so what!

4. Perfumes: Good colognes or perfumes are a total waste of space. In tropics, you tend to sweat more; hence fragrances don’t permeate into the skin.

5. Expensive Lighters: Don’t ever take an expensive or treasured lighter when on your India trip. The first thing is that they aren’t allowed on board Indian planes. In case custom officials do not get them, then some thief might take it.

6. Shampoo and Conditioner: It’s better to invest in a sun cream instead of large or medium sized shampoo/conditioner bottles. Indian products are just fine and you buy them easily in small amounts in sachets.

7. Pillows: An inflatable pillow is truly a useless item. In case you choose to travel by train in AC class, you will surely get pillows. Even on flights, you get pillows. If you use one on the beach, you’ll like an idiot.

8. Beach ball: Another inflatable piece of wastage. You can’t play soccer with it; a strong gust of wind will soon take it half a mile away. For beach fun, Frisbee is a better option.

I hope the list would help ease you from a lot of unnecessary weight during your next India trip. Enjoy light!


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