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Kumbhalgarh fortress: Known for its massiveness and Imperial display

by on October 21, 2010

People who still aren’t satisfied by ancient and royal fortress of Northern India- Kumbhalgarh fortress is your place.

Hardly, a two hour drive from the Lake City Udaipur through the scenic back drop of lovely Rajasthan hills will take you to Kumbhalgarh, a 15th century Mewar fortress whose boundaries extends for 36 kilometers at an altitude of 1900 meters. Well, all these numbers will give you an idea about what I actually like about Kumbhalgarh – that it’s massive, really massive.

Few say that the top of the palace offers a view of sand dunes of Tahar Desert, but as per my personal exploration you can certainly see the breathtaking extension of the fort itself. World’s second longest wall after Great Wall of China (about 6223 shorter than the Chinese splendor) surrounds the region containing the palace, the birthplace of famous Maharana Pratap, and more than 360 ancient temples, few of which still alive are still standing tall.

Either it’s the size of this ancient site, or simply the fact that most of the tourists in this region end up on popular Mount Abu, but it never seems to be crowded in Kumbhalgarh. Moreover, it also assists if you are ready to take a bit of heat and go there in first half of the day. Many tourists love to combine Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur in one-day travel from Udaipur, and tend to reach the fort in the noon.

Another thing is that, a walk around the fort will certainly keep you busy. All that spaces, those temples and rooms, and slopes will surely entrap you with its charisma and make you more curious to discover a little more, to get to next group of temples, to walk a little more along the wall. And soon you’ll find yourself so lost in the fort and its massiveness that even the other tourists taking your pictures instead of the fort won’t affect you much.

All those who easily get charmed by this kind of a place, Kumbhalgarh is simply magical.


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