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A trip to Bhangarh – Haunted destination of India

by on October 14, 2010

BhangarhWell, it all happened with the name heard once or read about it some time back, actually don’t how or who told me that me and my friend started searching “Bhangarh” – a haunted place of India.

Our research introduced to some facts related with the place, foremost important one was that no one is allowed to enter the premises of place before sunrise and after sunset. Such places or such words itself has some mystic magnetic quality or intoxication that you star feeling that strong attraction towards it. Trust me, the same happened with us.

Soon, we found ourselves lost and eagerly searching for every bit of information about the place available on the net, be it blogs, travelogues, some news about the place, in fact we started searching about the various haunted places in India.

Finally, the big day came and we set off to Bhangarh in search or quest of finding the truth behind it. The entire travel checklist was set, Map, details about the route, but not sure about the reason for why took us 7 hours to each the place. When about to reach the place…our car stopped just like horror movie of bollywood, giving an indication to stop there itself and not proceed thereafter. Please, don’t consider it a joke, it actually happened. Though the reason for it was one of the battery wires that slipped out from its slot. Ah! After a lot struggling and fighting with other team members who were against going further I was allowed to proceed further. So, the steering was in my hand now and I was the King and they all followed me.

At last we reached our desired destination Bhangarh – about 80 kilometers from Jaipur highway. The town Bhangarh was formed in the year 1631 by Raja Man Sigh, general of Mughal King Akbar and younger bother of Madho Singh.

Then came the story time for all those who didn’t know a single thing about the destination “A long time back, a tantrik felt in love with the princess and to make her own she cast a spell on a bowl of oil she was about to use. The princess maid saw him doing this and informed her not to use it. On learning about the spell, princess cast the return spell on the tantrik. The tantrik came under the effect of a spell and just before dying cursed the city that it’ll never attain harmony and nobody living here would survive. At last, curse did come true at the time when city was fighting with Ajabgarh, a nearby kingdom. Not a single mortal survived and city transformed into dilapidated ruins over night. Even today no one stays in or near the rune after sunset. Even Archaeological Survey of India is located 1 kilometer away. Any house build in the ruined city gets collapsed on its own. A water tank and some temples were spared. The ruins are home to banyan trees and monkeys.”

Soon, everyone noticed the time and it was the time for sunset. Everyone’s forced decision dominated me and all my dreams staying at the ruins were shattered. Soon, we set off to Jaipur. We all were tired. It took about 2 hours from there to reach Jaipur. I took numerous pics, with one of them showing a glimpse of a ghost. Well, trust me there’s nothing as such ghost thing out here, in fact the place is tremendously beautiful and hiding spot for lovers, as locals because of fear hardly give a visit here. In the end a local worker told me that sound of anklets could be heard during nighttime, thus making an interesting topic for night gossip.


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  1. krishna permalink

    hi i am krishna,
    can i know much more on this bhangarh

    • Ram permalink

      Please let me know what else you want to know about this place?

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