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Chawri Bazar, India

by on October 11, 2010

Chawri bazarIndia is a country of contrasts and Delhi is the best place to be at to experience such contrasts in abundance. Modern Delhi, with modern buildings, wide avenues, malls filled with well-dressed Indians, and traffic consisting of ostentatious cars and Old Delhi is the place which must not have been much different even centuries ago.

Old Delhi is one place which has always fascinated me and I have loved coming here again and again. It doesn’t matters whether it is a Jama Masjid or the bye lanes of the busy street or Chawri bazzar. Crave to see the amazing Old Delhi brought me here again.

I took a neat and clean subway, and it just took some few seconds to reach my destination Chawri bazaar. Walking up the stairs, I stepped carefully, to save myself from the cow roaming on the congested streets, rickshaw puller and people walking.

Chawri Bazar, DelhiAs I walked into the streets of Lal Kuan bazaar road, I stopped just to soak myself in the ambience. Looking around, I saw people with varied colours, and creeds, hawkers, rickshaw pullers, carts, horses, women dressed in colourful saris and children in school uniforms. It was truly a feast to eyes; I stayed there for much longer than I actually planned. Watching the flow and movement was fascinating. My curious eyes were drawn towards minute details, like key maker talking to his customer or school rickshaw loaded with school children, a weak skinny man pulling an extremely overloaded cart, or a man at a small eatery arranging his potatoes in the bowl. Few of the people were dressed in beautiful saris, while few were dressed in white turbans, giving tough looks.

I saw myself thinking that how different the place would have been a century ago. Apart from electricity cables hanging in the years, or people talking on the phones or the plastic bags, I could hardly think of anything more. The entire atmosphere was filled with the tinkling sound of rickshaw bells, drivers shouting to avoid collisions, the sound of the moving feet on the road. After enjoying the scenes fully, I moved on and walked around the place for some time. Walking is the best way to roam around apart from getting stuck in a traffic jam of rickshaws. The Chawri Bazaar road led me to Jama Masjid, the famous mosque, my next destination.

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