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Naukuchiatal, the 9 colour lake in Uttaranchal

by on July 7, 2010

Just a short way out of Delhi in Uttaranchal is Naukuchiatal, a quite hideaway near Bhimtal, filled with bird song. Cradled by green mountains, this misty blue lake is fed by an underwater spring, which keeps its water high. A single view of all nine corners of Naukuchiatal is said to bestow nirvana upon the onlooker.

The curving mountainNaukuchiatalroads on the drive up from Kathgodam can twist up your insides, look straight and you will pass the lemon wedges around. The shimmering waters of this lake can be explored by land, sea and air by doing paragliding over the lake. I think Naukuchiatal is where an opera of butterflies, Himalayan birds, animals and flowers play out Four Seasons without any help. I was first confused with nature walks and trails, boats and fish to angle, where do I begin? How about strolling down the lake so it was a 3½ km nature walk which takes along a secluded path, scented with blossoms and joyous with birdsong.

Next day we waked up early, spend a few good hours enjoying views of swallows, bulbuls and other birds in striking shades. Now we planned to have some swimming in the lake, it’s a pretty deep and doesn’t have wide banks on which one can spread out picnic. However there is a good spot down the lane from the cottage Déjà vu where we were booked and the road curves around the tal towards the Lake resort, which can accommodate a rug for a small group not exceeding 10 people. Boats were available here in all colours we did a little bargaining with them and we got the boat in Rs 80.

Just 2 km from the Lake Resort at Triveni House on Naukuchiatal Road is AEPEN (Action for Environment and the Preservation of Art and Nature) which showcases the ritual arts of Uttaranchal on objects of daily use such as gift boxes, trays and T- shirts.

It is not a good place for food however there are some wayside stalls that serve the typical rajma or chole chawal, but its best to eat at your hotel.


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