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Koh Samui, island in Thailand

by on May 28, 2008

Koh Samui is the hidden island of Thailand, and after exploring it I found it a perfect place for honeymooners looking for lovely and romantic beaches in a quite place. It has all those funky beaches communities with white beaches and clear and warm seas, and it has a few exceptional ones to choose from.

It’s most popular destination is the Big Buddha which is 15mtrs tall sitting Buddha, plus all the visitors offer their prayers here. It was visible to me when we were about to reach the place from far. And at the base of the statute there are many shops and restaurants where one can enjoy shopping and eating the Thai cuisine. And then I went to view the Namuang Waterfall which is 10km south from Nathon. There were 2 waterfalls, one was 18 meter high and we were able to reach through our cars. Although the second one was 80 meter high and we reached there by approx 30 mins of walk. It was the most scenic on the island. There were so many people taking photographs, enjoying the Thai food, exploring the fall. The Hin Lad Waterfall was located 2km from where I was so we thought of exploring that too. However when we reached there we found that we need to walk for 3 -4 kms down, in evergreen rain forest, but it was worth walking as the waterfall had several levels with a cool pool for a fresh water swim.

Next day after having my continental breakfast I went to the Choeng Mon which is one of the smallest tourist beaches, but the quietest one too. It didn’t have too much hassle like our beaches in Mumbai but did have a number of small restaurants and a couple of shops, addition to it there were many luxurious and expensive hotels that surrounded the bay. I wanted to relax with my friends which we did. And in the remaining day we wanted to see the famous Thai boxing so our guide took us to a Muay Thai professional bout at Chaweng Stadium. The crowd was everywhere; most of them were tourist or the supporters of the boxers or the family members. I enjoyed viewing the match and it looked as if I was watching a WWF match but in a sophisticated manner. After all the hassle we went back to our hotel.

The Samui nightlife is good; there are many discos, cabarets shows, bars opened in the night. We went to Green Mango which is among the main discotheques of Koh Samui and opens up until sunrise.

The third and the last day we had planned to view the butterfly garden. Na Tian Butterfly garden had some of the most numerous species of butterflies on display. It had bee house, a Thai style house which allows the visitor to observe and learn the activities of bees. We also saw the insect museum and rare insects from Thailand and various other countries displayed here.

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  1. Good Picuture. samui island is very popular island in the world

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