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The top 10 articles of my blog

by on January 15, 2008

Last year was very special as there were many ups in my life and I started to write blogs about the places where I used to go for my official work. Here are the top ten destinations which have been famous on my blogs in 2007. The list goes like this:

First place goes to Amritsar the Golden domes and spicy papad city

Second place goes to Chowki dhani the Heritage village in Jaipur

Third place goes to Durshet, the forest walk near to Bangalore

Fourth Place goes to Mahabaleshwar for its strawberry fields

Fifth Place goes to Bheemeshwari the nature camp

Sixth Place goes to Lonavala and Khandala for its waterfalls

Seventh Place goes to Pataudi Palace the Mansur Pataudi home

Eight Place goes to Dharamshala for Dalai Lama

Nineth Place goes to Uchagaon the heritage haveli

And the Tenth Place has a tie with Khajuraho for its temple and Mount Abu for its hills

The consolation destination goes to Wild Orchid Resort in Andaman

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