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Shillong the hill station near Kolkata

by on January 10, 2008

shillong.jpgShillong is a pleasant 3 hour ride from Guwahati and as the city approaches ou will find the nature at its best. Shillong is in Meghalaya and is a weekend destination from Kolkata. It’s full of forests and wooden cottages however in last few years to save and preserve the forest there are not to many cottages made by wood. Shillong in the past was planned for the resident of English. The military authorities established their cantonment mostly in upper Shillong and in the remaining portion the civil houses were laid. This was the British Shillong and the enclave of the Raj in the Khasi Hills. Lands were allotted for offices, bazaars and various other purposes, but it was the residential area at that time that becomes the pride of the colonials. Europeans officers, serving officers, tea planters, businessman all built there cottages here and named after places in England like Strathmore, Bonny Brae housing the survey of India today, Crow borough where a hotel in now under construction. There was a time when Europeans and the Indians both started building their houses. Indian princely families also started their establishments here like Tripura, Nepal, Manipur built imposing houses. And the Myurbhanj House built by the princely family is under the property of North Eastern hill University. Now Shillong has Assam style buildings build of basic design of the English cottage.

There are many lakes and waterfalls in this part. Before reaching Shillong there is the Umiam Lake, The Lake is the source of the Umiam River which has been transformed into a reservoir to produce electricity. Then there is the Orchid Lake Resort near the lake which has many sports facilities such as speed boating, water skiing etc. Then there is the Ward Lake which is in the middle of the town is horse shoe shaped. It is the picnic spot for the locals here. There are many waterfalls spread all over Shillong. The Sweet Falls is located near Happy Valley while Spread Eagle Falls near the Polo ground. The Beadon and Bishop Falls are 2km from Bara Bazaar and the Elephant Falls on the outskirts of Upper Shillong.

There is the famous golf course since 1924 Shillong Golf club. It’s an 18 hole course lined with fragrant pine and flowering rhododendron trees.

Shillong peak is at the height of about 6433 ft offers a wonderful view of the city and countryside. On a clear day one can see the eastern Himalaya, including Gorichen which is 22000 ft is the highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Khasis follow an eight day week and weekly market has always been held on the first day of the week. Shillong is famous for its shopping for its Forest honey in Bara Bazaar and Police Bazaar here the weekly market known as lewduh is held.

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