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Kurukshetra Mahabharata battle city in Harayana

by on January 7, 2008

brahma-sarovar-kurukshtera.jpgKurukshetra is a historic town where Lord Krishna is believed to have preached the bhagwad Gita to a hesitant Arjun on the battlefields of the Mahabharata the epic. Kurukshetra is 2 ½ drive from Delhi and a perfect pilgrim weekend getaway from Delhi. It’s said that to bath at the Brahma Sarovar here during an eclipse or an amavasya nights is spiritually cleansing of human soul. The Sarveshwar Mahadev Temple in the centre of this water body is visited by many devotees, they also the Laxmi Narayan Temple. Another lake held in great esteem by the devotees is the Sannehit Sarovar which is about an kilometer from Laxmi Sarovar is believed to have formed by water that flowed out of Brahma’s navel. Kurukshetra is visited by a number of the Sikh gurus, is also of great importance for the Sikhs. Guru Nanak passed through this town and the place where he stayed at is known as Gurudwara Sidhbati. There is also a Gurudwara dedicated to Guru Hargobind. On the banks of the Brahma Sarovar is one of the memories of Guru Gobind Singh. All this makes Kurukshetra a pilgrimage holiday destination in India.

Find Driving Directions to Kurukshetra here

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