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Thanedar, Apple Dom in Himachal

by on December 24, 2007

thanedar.jpgThanedar is in Himachal Pradesh, weekend getaway from Delhi also known as the apple Dom. Distance from Delhi to Thanedar is 421km. It is full of apple trees in the entire region. Arya Samaj Mandir is an uphill climb built by Stokes in typical pahari style; this stone temple stands in the middle of apple orchids. It was here that Stokes planted the first apple seed. Samuel stokes is a byword in this region. He planted trees in Kotgarh next door continue the reap a rich harvest even 100 years later. Harmony House, the stokes family house is located here on Barobag Hill. The rhododendron flower better known as rhodo in this part of the country, can be plucked of f a branch, washed an eaten raw. There are many Himcu shops in town who sell rhodo squash.

Samuel Stokes was an American missionary who headed to these hills in 1904 and transformed the village. It wasn’t the only missionary who found his way here. The presence of the Anglican Church in Kotgarh is today marked by a quaint wooden St Mary’s Church. The structure build in some 1800 is still a dazzling stained glass window and an array of cedar sculpted pews. And adjoining it is the Gorton Mission School started in 1843 according to the locals here.

The Tani Jubber Lake is 4km from Thanedar. You can take a car till the road ends and then climb 10 minutes. And as one push through the branches and bramble, the road clears and the ground beneath your feet becomes flat. The placid lake lies between the snows peaked mountains in the back ground. There is a local temple on one side of the lake which is not open to outsiders. In June, a fair is held at the lake at which local artisans and craftsmen display their waves.

Thanedar is also known as the fruit bowl of India. Thanedar, a good nearby getaway from Shimla is just 79 kms drive from Shimla.

Find driving directions from Delhi to Thanedar here..

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  1. Arvender Singh permalink

    Hi I wanted to know if you have any good campsites around Thanedar in Himachal and if so please send me the links and the prices etc as we are interested in 5 tents for 4-5 days in june .

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