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Kalakho in Rajasthan

by on December 17, 2007


Kalakho is in Rajasthan and 298km from Delhi, a perfect weekend destination. Its green with the golden fields and the monsoon lake, is a perfect little retreat with luxurious comfort. This woodsy part of the Aravalli hills is the perfect place for the bird watchers. There are old forts, hills and of course the desert and where we took the desert safari which was breathtaking.

We drive straight past the busy Sikandra crossroads and on the village of Gular, then we took a right to Abhaneri. Here the 8th century baoli is enormous was built by Raja Chand, a Nikumbha Rajput of the Chamana Dynasty, it was close to 65 ft deep. We took 3500 narrow and steep steps to reach the water. Today the step well is under the Archaeological survey of India, who have expertly managed to make this age old monument look like a thing of the future with their heavy metal frames.

And just across the well was the Harshata Mata temple dedicated to Parvati. It was built in 7th century in Mahameru style and its carvings was similar to the carvings of Khajuraho temple.

  1. Ashish Mandia permalink

    You should mark the places or spot on the map here !!

  2. AKSHAY LUNAWAT permalink

    good ,provide me same for jain temple in oshiya -jodhpur nagaur road rajasthan

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