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Anjuna Beach the party hub in Goa

by on December 13, 2007

anjuna-beach-market.jpgAnjuna is a huge beach in Goa as it has South, Middle and the North Anjuna beach. It has many hotels, bars and restaurants. Its flea market began in 1970’s as a place where hippies sell their possessions when they were either broke or leaving for home. However they were banned for several years after the local church ran a campaign against it, it was started again by the Anjuna panchayat as the Anjuna weekly market and is now held on Wednesdays over the several acres of coconut plantations at the southern edge of the beach. The market starts around at noon and people begin to leave after sunset. The best way to avoid traffic for the market is to communicate through boat and in the morning you can also spot a dolphin. The market is full of clothes, accessories, cheese, food outlets etc.

With all those rock in the sea, water sports in Anjuna are limited to its southern end. Paraiso de Goa is a swinging trance bar that open’s till wee hours. It is set on a hillock next to the beach and has a fabulous view. One can enjoy the nightlife here especially the New Year and Christmas eves.

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