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The Haveli Hari Ganga in Haridwar

by on December 10, 2007

haveliharigangaimg5.jpgIt is a destination in itself in Haridwar. In between the madding crowd the guest are taken into the rickshaw to reach the haveli from the crowded market of Haridwar. I would have missed the entrance if the rickshaw guy would not have stopped. The Haveli belongs to the Pilibhit royals and now is a property in their Lesiure hotels chain. The interiors are soothing with all the white walls and beautiful paintings. The hotel has spa. Yoga,bhajan session, evening aarti etc. Then there are few posters of films that feature the Ganga and Ram teri ganga mailli.

They serve only vegetarian food and a limited secion of continental. At dinner there was pasta to my surprise as one cannot find fast food in Haridwar. Its dining area is beautiful as it is in the open area along with Ganga river running on its right side. My dad said just one thing “ It’s the same Ganga, but somehow it seems so much cleaner.

Travel Direction from Delhi to Haridwar

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