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Say Cheez Contest on Orkut

by on November 19, 2007

SAY CHEEZ CONTEST community in orkut has started a contest for the community members from 12th november. The theme will be diwali photos.
You have to post your pictures link of the internet on our community and you can win prizes.

On 12th November the contest starts

We will create a topic in the forum option where the members will post the link of their images available on the net.
1 member will be allowed to post only 3 links of their images .i.e. 3 images each.
30th November the posting of the images link closes.
We will short list 10 entries
3rd December we will declare the 10 short listed entries to the community members.and we will set polls of the 10 entries short listed and members will vote for the good image.
9th December the polling ends.
10th December we will declare the results.

Top 3 winners will get a rewarding prizes
All Participants will be given a guaranteed gift 

In case you are looking to post your photo online you can post it at

To view the ‘’ community page, visit:

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