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Canacona Hidden Goa

by on November 5, 2007

canacona.jpg It is a destination in hidden Goa. Palolem and Agonda beaches and the more deserted Cabo de Rama fort remain the only places in Canacona well on the travel map. In between there are vast unmapped stretches of sand where the only feri sold is home made and the only thing to eat is the simplest fish curry and rice. Then there was a Cotigao wildlife sanctuary in the basin of the Talpona River, in the east of Canacona. We had to book our own transportation to reach all the points in Canacona and quepem.

We went to Chaudi market and tried to had cola but nobody knew about it as these beaches known to backpackers from abroad who have cultivated their own demand and supply chain from the villages are kept hush so that the Indian tourist do not disturb the gora reverie.

Quepem’s Zorint Beach is almost always deserted and further south to Canaguinim the best known of Quepem’s beaches, we stayed in Canaguinim Village where villagers rent out rooms.

Ahead of tiny Nuvem beach raises the cliff of Cabo de Rama, from the top of which saw great views of Quepem and Salcette to the north and the white sand beaches of Canacona to the south. The Cape was named for Lord Ram, who stayed here during his trek towards Lanka.

canacona1.jpgFor fried fish by the sea and feri on tap Agonda and Palolem beaches are the best. We trek down to Agonda Beach past st. Anne church in Agonda village, there are hotels and restaurants. We walk down to the Patnem beach from clomb for some quietness.

The temples of Quepem and Canacona had some most of the pristine locations in forest on the hills here.

And the best thing in the entire journey was the sight of dolphins in Cotigao which is the Goa’s second largest wildlife sanctuary.

Find Driving directions to Goa here

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