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Review on Chamba hotel

by on October 22, 2007


Chamba is a junction to higher and better known destinations in the Tehri Hills, near Shimla: Gangotri, Yamunotri, the ancient and vanishing town of Tehri itself. We found the Hilltop Classic Resort which was located on the top of the hill above the township and is 4 star hotel. The resort spreads itself leisurely all over the top and the slopes. A health spa and Kerala massage centre to one side, a pet pen full of wild hares and honking gardens, a gym, a children’s park with swings and slides and merry go rounds, even a swimming pool, because of the resort height and the direct sun it gets the pool water gently warm and visitors have found it a pleasant quirk to go swimming on a hilltop.

The next day was a clear morning so we went to the Langtang Range which lies burnished on the northern skyline, a dozen or more snowcapped Himalayan peaks etched on the horizon like some overdone painting. The sky was so low and clear that it looked as if I would pluck the stars in the night. I think Chamba is still a fairly well forested and unbreached protected world. There were no existing prescriptions or places to see or things to do. Just relax and I loved the way of relaxing.

Find Driving Directions from Delhi to Chamba here.

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  1. i think India is a heaven . i have never been there but whenever i read , i feel it must be the most beautiful country on earth

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