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Kanha, the best national park in Asia

by on October 18, 2007

kanha.jpgKanha is in Madhya Pradesh and is situated 165km away from Jabalpur. It is known as the best national park in Asia. It is one of the perfect weekend destination in India. The area covered by this wildlife sanctuary is 940 sq km and is home to tiger, leopard, hyena, buffalo and more than 200 avian species can be seen. One of the rarest found animals barasingha can be seen here. The trees here are bamboo and sal group all around the park.

Every person enjoys the nature walks here and the Bamni Dadar also known as sunset point is one of the most beautiful parts of the park from where a spectacular sunset can be seen. There are many animals which can be spotted here like Sambar, Barking Deer, Guar and many. Having species from Chital, chinkara, Indian Hare to squirrel, wolf, the beauty of the place and picturesque environment attracts most of the nature lovers. Kanha has more than 200 species of birds and the water birds can be seen near the park. It remains open from November to June.  

Situated in the heart of Kanha National Park, Tuli resort is a wonderful place to visit. Set up in 22 acres of lush green land, it is situated near the Ganghar River in the western region of Kanha’s buffer zone. The resort is designed to match the rural beauty of India and welcomes all its visitors with majestic ambience and offers all modern amenities. 

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