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Jubbal a weekend getaway

by on October 15, 2007

jubbal.jpgJubbal is a princely state which is in the east of Shimla and near the valley of the Pabbal River. It has the newest refurbished palace turned heritage property. It is in the midst of a rural outpost hidden from the world. It is the place for apple orchids on the slope and the river nearby. And then there is the temple of Durga and Shiva.

 This Fairy tale palace is perched in a little hollow amid the hills, and it looks like ginger bread enough to eat and is remarkable for the enormous masses of deodar timber used in its construction. The modern wing, where guests are put up was built in the 1930’s older section dates back centuries. The timber frame proved perilous when a fire in the 1960’s destroyed a large part of the original structure, but its being slowly restored. The modern wing is however well preserved. The elaborate wooden ceilings are stunning. It also has all the ancient weapons, ranging from cannons and swords to muskets and shields. It has just started giving out rooms to tourists. 

Then there is Hatkoti were there are few temples and is named after the goddess Hatkeshwari also one of the Lord Shiva’s names. The Pabbal River is a perennial river arising in the Chansal Range just south of Kinnaur and is born of snow and spring fed lake called Chander Nahan or Chandar Naun. There are various smaller streams joining it on its short journey to Hatkoti where it meets the rivulet Bishkulti and the Rai Nala.

The cuisine here is Indian and to its way if you stop at Chhaila you will get the excellent snack of fish, caught fresh from the river and batter fried whole on the spot.

This place is still to wander and especially the Jubbal Palace which has been recently open to the tourists. 

Find driving directions from Delhi to Jubbal here

  1. tamanna thakur permalink

    hello friends,
    jubbal is one of the famous tourist destination , its famous for apples, its historical palace & maa durga & shiva tample.
    come and have a look of its beauty….thankx

  2. Hi frnds
    Jubbal is very beautiful place, not because I am from Jubbal, its realy beautiful. I will invite all you guys to come to jubbal to c its real beauty in January or in June…..
    Then only you can explore…………………..

  3. Harish Kumar permalink

    Hey Guy,
    Wants to more about Jubbal, Come n c. We have so many Historical Places here in Jubbal. You come once, You will definitely come again n again…………………..

  4. nishant sharma permalink

    i love jubbal..

  5. Sanjeev Chauhan permalink

    Jubbal is my favorite destination !!!!!!!!!!!!! It is known as Apple valley…………………………….

  6. Vinay Bhardwaj permalink

    Hay Guys..
    Jubbal is a very Beautyful Town.
    Hear is many historycal places.
    come hear and see this beautyful places.

  7. Rohit Chauhan permalink

    helloo Everybody
    jubbal Valley is a Beautifull valley.Famous for its apples.apples from here are the production of quality aplles are made

  8. Rohit Chauhan permalink


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