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Kasauli, weekend getaway

by on October 12, 2007

kasauli.jpgThere is nothing practically to do in Kasauli, just to lie down, trudge the surrounding hills, comfortable walks in the nature. It is a perfect weekend destination for Delhi people. It has not been exploited as Shimla; it still lives with its charm. Stroll down through Upper to Lower Mall and around the Sanatorium. We followed the upper mall and wandered up to the Monkey Point near the Air Force base. The 4 km hike to the Shri Baba Nath Temple on the top is a bit stiff. People praying for the blessing of children visit the shrine. We didn’t have such issues so we enjoyed the splendid vistas from this vantage point. Across the forested hills and deep ravines is the sleepy town of Dagshai. We also catch the sparkle of the Sutluj River curving lazily along the plains in the far distance views of the snow clad Dhauladhar Range and in the north east, the choor Chandni Peak.

We went for a picnic in the virgin Woodlands; it was for the town’s British residents over 50 years ago. We were able to view the humming birds, flycatchers, minuets and many, one of my friends got lucky and spot a deer and hyena too loping through the undergrowth. But we were not able to see them. The locals told us that there are leopards too.

The overall stay was just to relax and chill out with friends. Everything was naturist. And like all the hill station malls it also sell things like Kullu caps and some wooden work things.

Find driving directions from Delhi to Kasauli here.

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