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The Crocodile Farm

by on October 11, 2007

When I was a kid I always use to visit my Father’s brother home in Dholpur a small district in Rajasthan only 45 minutes run from Agra and 30 mins run to the famous Chambal River were Phoolan Devi used to live. There was a farm house near to Chambal River known as the Crocodile Farm. It had all types of crocodile resting in the sheds of the tree, some of them diving or swimming in the water. Their main motto was to help the species of crocodile a better living in that particular area, where people used to kill them when one of them by mistake visit the villages. Here the no. of crocodile was less compared to other areas in India. I still remember there was a museum also which had few skeletons of famous ghariyal’s head and they were huge. Few parts like teethes and different things which showed their importance in the world. 

crocodile.jpgThey use to catch up the small crocodiles from the Chambal River and when they used to be big they were left back again in he Chambal river. They use to provide them good food and a better living. My mom had carried a baby crocodile in her arm and it was so small that it comfortably fitted and I think it felt cozy in my mom’s arm that it just rested. I was around 13 or 14 at that time, and I loved the way the crocodiles were roaming all around the place and specially ghariyal’s all of them had a big mouth with so many teethe in it. Scary man. We had taken our food along with us. It was basically a picnic spot. 

But after few years I wanted to visit it again and when we went there to my surprise I couldn’t find even 1 crocodile or even its egg. The place was in a mess and the watchman told us that due to the lack of funds the farm closed 2 years back. I felt bad for the crocodiles, and I would like to tell people to lease donate some amount to these type of small institution rather than to give money to those cooperation’s who just wants money and do not remain true to their promises. However last when i heard from my Uncle he told me that it is open again and this time with a good NGO company. All well thats end well. 

Find Driving Direction from Delhi to Agra here.

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  1. satish permalink

    Hi, Sir,
    whoever is the owner of this sight i don’t know, but the only thing i observed from this sight is that there is somebody who wants to fight for survival of the crocodiles, so pls i request you to keep working for these creatures, even i have seen a site where crocodiles are fighting for their survival against cruel mankind, so if you are interested in this new project and want to fight for nature, and crocodials i can show you a place where crocodials are fighting for their survival, so if you want to contact me you can leave your phone no. in a messege, pls send me an email, if you are interested in it. my email address is .

    Thanks and regards,
    and hope for your reply,
    Satish Dave

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