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Uchagoan a weekend destination from Delhi

by on October 9, 2007

picture-116.jpgAlong with my office group I went to Uchagoan weekend getaway from Delhi which is a heritage property and a fort, situated near Garhmukteshwar. We started early morning on Saturday and reached there in 2 ½ hours from Noida Mor. The place was beautiful in between a small village. The fort did not have the impressive gate but it was huge. Entering the fort there was the horse stable wit beautiful horse eating their meals. But to me it was not a fort; it was a Zamindar’s huge haveli which has been converted into a hotel. The main building was painted in white with large doom on its terrace. The place was relaxing with friends and we went to attend a workshop so our trainers were waiting for us. After having the breakfast which was good, we went to the conference room for the brain storming sessions. We came across so many things which we in our lives require to achieve few goals. In between the workshop we enjoyed the long conversations with the friends on its beautiful grounds, badminton, billiards, and the amazing room which have all types of lions head engraved into the wall. The ambience was quite and peaceful.

The dining area was full of paintings and cannons, swords in all sizes. Our rooms were spacious but did not have TV inside, who cares when the place is awesome and one is enjoying the chatting with friends on tea, playing caroms and other games. Uchagoan only lacks swimming pool otherwise it is the nearest cheapest and quite place around Delhi.

There were small gardens between the rooms area, with terrace having different types of chairs. And we were able to see the different species of birds. In short the place was good, the food was good with little spices and fresh and homely made. The service was good. Next time I would love to go with my family for a weekend break. Next day was Sunday so had to come back with the beautiful scenic view on the roads with Ganga canal along the road for 15km the experience in all was good.

Find driving directions from Delhi to Garhmukteshwar here.

  1. sanjay verma permalink

    Need to book the room , Pls. revert with discounted tarrif @ 9216089706 or at email.

  2. Nalini Fernandes permalink

    I would like to do a booking for an office retreat (17 – 18 persons) from 10 – 12 Feb. Grateful of details and offer.


  3. bnavi permalink

    YA it is but we enjoyed to the fullest, and we played badminton, carrom and billiards what else you want

  4. Rusty permalink

    Dude.. the driving directions link for Garh Mukteshwar points to Mukteshwar in Uttaranchal

    I’ve been to Unchagaon too but frankly I didn’t quiet like the place. May be good for outing with friends but not too many activities for family groups

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