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Camp Potters hill, offbeat weekend getaway from Delhi

by on October 1, 2007

camp-potter.jpgWhen I visited Naldehra in Shimla I also went to Camp Potters Hill a weekend destination from Delhi as I have heard about it a lot and wanted to see with my own eye that tents and the valley was really beautiful or not. But to my surprise yes it was really outstanding. I went alone to see the resort while my family was busy shopping on the famous Mall of Shimla. The Camp Potters offer the luxury tent. And here I seriously mean luxury. At Camp Potters Hill, the eco-friendly approach goes beyond responsible nature conservation to include the manner in which the establishment is built and run. Here, you are in the lap of nature and there are many bird species, which one gets to spot very easily like the Pheasant, Koel, Khaliz, and the Blue Magpie. This is what I was attracted to the eco friendly approach. Their main idea is to enjoy a combination of Eco tourism, leisure and adventure activities.

One of the staff helped me to view the tent and the cottages. They had 11 cottages and 8 tents. The Cottages were pretty good and well furnished and they had a small verandah where one can enjoy the nature. I liked the cottage much better than the tents but the tents were little cozy. They were also offering games like chess, cricket, basketball, rock climbing, Burma Bridge, Commando Rope Walk, Valley Crossing and on request they also arranged for rafting at Tattapani which was 50kms away. I would have loved to do one. In the night they offer barbeque and born fire where people also enjoy and dance with their family and friends. They also had conference room in Himachal style however well equipped.

In total I found it pretty good, may be next holiday for relaxation would be this place.

Find Driving Directions to Shimla here.

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