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Shimla favourite himachal getaway from Delhi

by on September 27, 2007

shimla-mall.jpgI have visited Shimla 4 or 5 times with my family. I have written about so many places but never wrote about the place where I have been in my childhood, teenage and youth. Shimla is the best himachal pradesh destination from Delhi, people visit it often. I was in 12th standard when I last visited it. Still remember those lovely valleys and hills. We had stayed in I do not remember the name of my hotel but I do remember that it was on the end of the mall. SO there was not too much of noise and crowd which can disturb us. To enter the Mall Road from the city when cannot take the car inside as there is the huge lift which finishes at the Mall starting from the Shimla Road, along with a huge parking lot where tourist can park their cars.

The famous Mall Road of Shimla comprises of so many shops which sells all types of wooden work things, I still have that bangle wooden stand with me which I purchased there. The mall road is very vast and comprises of the upper mall road and the lower mall road. The lower mall road had many shops selling cassettes, clothes and all those things which you can find in Delhi. The upper Mall consists of shops which sell wooden things, and then there is the famous shimla-church.jpgChrist Church at one end and the Tudor façade of the Municipal Corporation building at the other. Scandal point on the upper mall is the place where every tourist sits on the benches made there for rest and the kids enjoy the pony rides. Me and my sister also had enjoyed the pony ride. After our pony ride we went to the scatting club which is next to the church on the first floor. I hope its still there. Our session was for 1 hour and I enjoyed it, there were all type of people with young kids, teenage, youth and the old ones. The floor was wooden so the scatting done was amazing.

After that we roam in the mall for hours. Yes I remember the rose garden on the upper mall with a restaurant where we had snacks many times, sorry people my golden days were so amazing that I hardly bother to remember the name of the restaurant. But my best restaurant there is the United Coffee House in the end of the upper mall. It offered the best coffee in the World I still can taste it. My sister and I had played many video games which were close to our hotel.

Next day again after roaming in the Mall road we went to the Jakhu Mandir whose stairs starts along with the famous ghanta ghar on the upper mall on its right side. We started for the temple and to my surprise there were langurs all around.shimla-jakhu.jpg People were offering them food and from the trees they were roaming on the stairs. My mom strongly was offering them the channa but I was scared of them. After climbing so many steps we were tired and finally reached our destination. The temple offers prayer to the Hanuman that’s why it was all filled with the monkeys and langurs. After praying and little bit of eating we came down through steps and realized that it was night. Shimla looks more beautiful in the night with lights all around.

Well I would like to go again and now would like to see it in a different way. Some memories are never to be forgotten.

Find Driving Directions from Delhi to Shimla here

  1. i would like to think that the best restaurants would serve very delicious and healthy foods ..’

  2. shash permalink

    wellits good but its way too brief & simla is way better outside mall road……… mall road isnt real simla, dats more of modernizd simla……… if u visit simla next time, try seeing da actual simla, cloz 2 nature………

  3. i havent visited Shimla yet.But it looks so beatiful also Shimla looks more beautiful in the night with lights…

  4. trenddash permalink

    hey nice…one…

    gud to knw that ppl still find shimla a nice place to come…

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