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Kesroli Fort, weekend getaway from Delhi

by on September 25, 2007


While going to Alwar for visiting the Dargah we saw this Neemrana property the Kesroli fort weekend destination from Delhi on our way and we decided that we would stay here for 1 night on our way back to home. It is a 14th century hill fort of Kesroli and is the oldest heritage site in India. It was not too pleasingly painted fort it made us remember about the old days, and we wanted our younger sister to know about it as she is not aware of the heritage of India in this gizmo days. When we reached there it had rooms and suites available and I saw many foreigners enjoying their vacation. We booked the Neelkanth Mahal which was a suite with 1 double and 1 single room for Rs 3000 per night which was pretty affordable. We were so tired that after check in the room we directly went to have our dinner which was pretty good and we had a candle light dinner which one cannot imagine to have with a perfect silence. In short we enjoyed the ambience. After the dinner we went to the room which was huge with good interiors but without a TV, so I and my sisters decided to roam around the fort. They had a beautiful library where we could read books on different categories. Me and my younger sister choose the Mughal period, frankly we were not reading the book but we were much more interested to see the pictures in the book. After spending more than 1 hour in the library we head back to our room. We chatted and discussed various things which we haven’t done in months, which personally I liked because of lack of time in Delhi. We slept very peacefully.

Next morning my dad woke up early because of the chirping of birds which we cannot hear in Delhi. The voice of birds was amazingly cheerful. This was the time we could see the views beyond the fort clearly from the verandah. The experience was outstanding as we had our morning tea in an open air with lots of birds and the lush green field. Then we choose to have our buffet breakfast with different types of breads fruit cakes and to choose between Neemrana type of tea. After having the simple breakfast my parents held to the reception for payment and we went exploring the shop inside the fort which offered different arts and chess work famous of Mughal works but it was expensive. We left for Delhi once again keeping the lovely stay at Kesroli where our family had a sweet get together, chat and discussions which we never can have in our busy schedule in my memory.

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  1. Arun permalink

    i have also stayed at the resort. The experience was wonderful and the in the morning the area was full of parrots and yes the food was really good, i still remember that delicious food

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