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The Chalets Naldehra, offbeat weekend destination from Delhi

by on September 24, 2007

This weekend we went to an offbeat weekend destination from Delhi near to Shimla 20km, the Chalets of Naldehra with my family for a break from regular routine. The place was 343 km from Delhi so we started on Friday evening so that we can enjoy the weekend in resting and not in traveling. So we started around 7 in the evening and reached there around 2, do not worry we had hired a driver to drive the car especially in the night. We had already made are booking before reaching there so we just had to check in the cottage. In the night we were not able to view the scenic beauty of the place, we were just waiting for the reception man to give the keys and we can go to sleep. Our apartment was pretty good with all amenities and facilities. There are rooms and cottages available also but we were only four so we chose the apartment.

Next day I woke up early morning to enjoy the beauty of the place, and to my amaze it was awesome experience. I was standing in the lobby of my apartment with a cup of tea and enjoying the views of the hills and forest nearby with beautiful cottages close to my apartment. There was a chill breeze all over the place with little fog covering the terrace of the cottages, park and the forest plus the golf park. Yes it also offers the golf course however im not a golf player neither im attracted by the game. After enjoying the tea we planned to take a venture into the forest for jungle walk. We were provided with a guide who helped us out with the way in the jungle. The whole view was breath taking. The jungle was covered with many types of trees and with the clouds covering them and the chill breeze all around the place we could not have asked for anything much better than this. We were able to view many species of birds. While my dad and mom decided to go back to the apartment for rest I and my sisters planned for a trek. The trek was also good but I got little rashes. We had lots of fun with water rafting to horse ride everything was available here. Even it provided us with heated pool, spa, in house art gallery, croquet, billiards, golf, and yoga and evening bonfires. So now you can also understand that there was so much to do that we even realized that it was Sunday afternoon and we have to leave the place. But we decided to make another trip for Naldehra with the family and this time for a week.

Get Driving Directions from Delhi to Shimla here

  1. hiten patel permalink

    req 5 rooms for 4 nt. pl. give us full package for ap. or map. plan

  2. bnavi permalink

    Sure and thanks soon would be going to Surajgarh fort lets hope for the best

  3. bunk1980 permalink

    That looks nothing short of beautiful! I have yet to make it that way in my travels, but have officially added it to the list.

    Wonderful blog about this area. Your descriptions deffinatly make me want to go. Keep up the great blog , as I will be stopping in to see what you have brewing!

    Happy blogging,

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