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Bodhi Zendo, a Zen medication centre

by on September 10, 2007

It is in Kodaikanal which offers ayurvedic massages, yoga and is a spot of spiritual fulfillment. Bodhi Zendo, is one of the perfect destination for ayurveda holidays in India. Isolation always seems a cruel idea to me, even if you are ensconced in a beautiful luxurious, pampering environment, because soon you will be chucked back into noise.

Bodhi Zendo is a wonderfully serene place, snug in belly of banana and coffee plantations with acre of woodland paths to explore and spectacular views of the plains. The rooms are sophisticated and single wooden floors, a writing desk overlooking the garden, portable cane reading chairs, and a charming wooden bureau for your belongings. The main building is set around a central courtyard with Japanese style rock garden complete with bonsai and bridges. The background sports an impressive vegetable garden, a lily pound and gazebo.

It isn’t very different from most other places of its ilk, except that it also makes you work for living, which adds the proper dimension of righteousness to the wholesome experience. Visitors are expected to be present for Zazen (meditation sessions), samu/ seva (community work), and meals (they feed you well). They are also expected to maintain certain hours of silence, wash their own dishes, and keep their rooms and bathrooms clean. My favorite ritual was watching the sun redden the sky, turning it to midnight black from my position in the Mediterranean room. This wonder of a room has three walls of glass and its flawlessly soundproofed, so while I was there silence was primeval.

The point of Zen has always been to emphasize the journey rather than the end result. Bodhi Zendo will give the chance to put on a new pair of shades with which to view the world.

A stay at Bodhi Zendo cost us Rs.200 per day for rooms and meals. Contact details are Bodhi Zendo, Perumalmalai, Kodaikanal, and tel: (04542) 230345; email id:

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  1. Dushyant permalink

    Wow, this place is good and cheap…

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