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Mount Abu Hilly Destination in Rajasthan

by on September 5, 2007

Mount Abu in Rajasthan was beautiful when I visited it with my family around 6-7 years ago. However to be said it is a hill station of Rajasthan and when we arrived there in the month of June the temperature was around 42 degree and according to the locals the fluctuation in temperature is always between 30-45 degree Celsius, that was strange to us but then what can except from a hill station in Rajasthan. We started our search for a good hotel and we found Hotel Mount view which offered us cottages along with all the amenities and games plus a swimming pool and the positive point was it was on the famous Mall road which was enough for us.

Next day we had breakfast at the hotel and decided to view the mount-abu-dilwara.jpgDilwara Temple. We had our own car so after understanding the route to the temple we started for it and hardly from our hotel it was 20 minutes run and we reached the temple. The temple was amazing and for few seconds I was astonished to see the architecture of it, the carvings on the pillar of the temples and its doom was mind blowing. I mean in my history lessons I had only heard about the carvings of Ajanta and Ellora or Taj but no where was this Dilwara Temple mentioned. It is a Jain temple and according to me it has the most astonishing carvings, ceilings and pillars. After offering our prayer and having something to eat we started for our next step which was Bharamakumari Ashram, the famous Ashram for the old people. When we reached there I could see the white building with beautiful gardens and the neatness of the road and the surrounding looked liked we have reached some foreign city. The building included a museum which showed some of their programs brochures, paintings etc. Then they also showed us small documentary about the ashram as in what all they do and how it was started. On a brief note our visit to the ashram was little soothing. So after the tiring day we decided to go back to our hotel and swim and relax for the day.

Next day we went to boating at the famousmount-abu-nakki-lake.jpg Nakki Lake which is on the mall and in our history it is told that it was scraped by God from the ground using their nails. There were various boats for ride and the paddle one. The next one hour we enjoyed the boating. After that we were in no mood to visit sunset point so we started roaming at the mall exploring shops. The shops here offered the famous Kullu caps, shawls, and more decorated things for households. My mom purchased a chess which was made in a big stone and had beautiful carvings on its chess man. And after shopping we had went back to the hotel and enjoyed our game of table tennis and swimming. Next day we checked out from the hotel to drive back home. In a short brief I still enjoy memorizing my trip with my family to Mount Abu.

Apart from Mount View there are many hotels available like Jaipur House and the Rajputana Club.

Find Travel Directions to Mount Abu Here …….

  1. kuna permalink

    hi this is kuna who is loving his wife priya very much… i like mount abu

  2. Jatin Viramgama permalink

    Dilwara Temple is the best temple in world

  3. DGD permalink

    We visited it in 1977 before coming to US.
    It was an awesome experience.

  4. shankar choudhary permalink

    i like mount Abu.

  5. i like mount abu of rajasthan very much because there shiv baba is most likely

  6. pankaj joshi permalink

    love mount abu nakhi talav

  7. vaghela Lilchand permalink

    i like mount abu & all rajasthan palace….

  8. Dhaval A. Sheth permalink

    I like Mount abu’s weather.

  9. Sundar permalink

    this website is useful for my project. thank to all participant to create website.


    Prince of nallur

  10. sandeep kedia permalink

    i love mount abu.

  11. hai haw are you sir jay shreekirshan

  12. Sunil permalink

    I like too much mount abu

  13. Asha Patel permalink

    i always enjoy going to abu.

  14. manoranjan sarkar permalink

    I like mount abu

  15. vipul patel permalink

    i love mount abu all place

  16. i like shreenathij jayshreekirshan

  17. i like mount-abu and all rajshatan jayshreekirshan

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