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Shivanasamudram, wildlife holiday destination

by on August 23, 2007

Down the twisting road from Malavalli, I suddenly came across the signpost that read Georgia Sunshine Village. The turn off did basically a dirt track seem to meander into pure jungle. Winding, curving, bumpy and all non existent, the track continued through the jungle till we were sure that we were lost. Then suddenly quaint, red tiled rooftops peep through the foliage and we murmured welcome to the forest.

Shivanasamudram a weekend destination or getaway from Bangalore is the domain of Mother Nature. I found this hills home to wild boar, peacocks, partridges, elephants and even the occasional panthers. It is best for a long day trip from Bangalore because of the lack of the stay options; it is now an ideal weekend getaway from Bangalore. Anyone who is looking for nothing more but nature at its best is welcome here. Shivansamudram is a perfect wildlife holiday destination from Bangalore.

shivanasamudram.jpgThe Cauvery the life line of Karnataka splits into two streams here one is Barachukki and the second one is Gaganachukki. Beautiful cascades of water spread out over two vast hillsides greeted us. The water was being diverted to feed what was the first hydroelectric plant in Asia. Gaganachukki boats a fall side Dargah on the opposite bank. We were not allowed to swim here as it is treacherous and a number of mishaps had happen in the past. A couple of food stalls and a few vendors selling fresh coconut water and locally grown gooseberries spiced with chilli powder completed our experience. Barachukki is beyond the Dargah, a few kilometers away. The falls here form a sylvan, deep pool. We swim here and also caught an oracle ride.

The forest here was lush, which meant that we won’t be able to walk however we did a trek. The Hatherells provided us a guide. Routes were customized to the energy of the levels of trekkers and it can vary from a simple 2 hour amble to daylong trip, complete with food, water and supplies thrown in.

The villages of Malavalli, Panditahalli, Manchanahalli, Hebbani and Shimsapura offer a market where we found the farm implements made by hand and actually had a market for cow bells.

We stayed at Georgia Sunshine Village which is the only place to stay, including a mini swimming pool, lounge and library.

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