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Bandipur, turning the tables

by on August 23, 2007

Bandipur was a hunting ground before which now has been turned into wildlife sanctuary and a place widely regarded as one of the better managed national parks in the country. It is one of the recommended weekend destionation from Bangalore. The only shooting happening regularly in Bandipur Tiger Reserve is through a multitude of cameras.

bandipur-tiger.jpgBandipur is not uniformly thick as a forest. The one sure thing about the forest is the animals, for almost throughout year except in peak summers; roam around in pretty large numbers. Although we were not able to see the tiger here as easily we had seen in Ranthambore. Panthers, jackals and an array of snakes from the cobra to the python all live here. And we could see the spotted deer everywhere we went. In the night their eyes shined like lustrous diamonds as they came into the glare of vehicle headlights or even a flashing torch. The shy four horned antelope is also a part of this forest. Bandipur is indeed a heaven for wild animals and those who love them.

The most affordable way to stay is to book one of the many Forest Department cottages.

  1. jaise permalink

    its super no wods to say about bandipur

  2. wasim permalink

    very gud pics……….is it possible that i can buy a land in bandipur or nagrhola……….plz let me know……

  3. prasanth permalink

    can u pls mail me bandipur jungles varie photos
    if u have time


  4. prasanth permalink

    canu pls mail me bandipur jungles varie photos
    if u have time


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