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Chowki Dhani

by on July 31, 2007

chowki-dhani1.jpgChowki Dhani is a well-recreated Rajasthani village. “Chowki Dhaani” means a small village in the local language. They have done a great job of recreating the Rajasthani village feel. So much so, that at the entrance, an old man with a spinning wheel yells out something incomprehensible at you. For a Rs. 200 admission fee, you get an evening’s entertainment and rich traditional dinner. It’s money well spent. You’ll have to take an auto to it, since it’s 20km south of the city, so be sure to negotiate the price before you get in. You can view Rajasthani dances, potters, cooks, go on animal rides, and visit palm readers. Some of these require a small fee of there own, namely the last two. I have never lived in a village but somehow that felt very authentic. The highlight of Chokhi Dhaani is the dinner. Seated on small stools on the floor, you are served by traditionally dressed waiters. And again, true to Indian tradition of hospitality, they insist that you gorge on the food. In fact you can’t say no to them. The waiters are really friendly and two of them placed their turbans on Manish and my heads. chowki-dhani.jpgA couple of foreigners sitting across the room from us seemed amused. But they didn’t eat much. Dinner is delicious and excessive. I had so much food on my plate. I’m a fan of the red garlic chutney with Bhajree ki roti. The place is happening in the evening because it’s one of the few activities at night. Middle- to upper-middle class families and groups of 20-something friends frequent it.

  1. mohit tanwar permalink

    my self is mohit tanwar…i find this place very cool in terms of everything…it gives the real village feeling…the fud here is very delicious……i think every one has to visit this place……

    Mohit Tanwar

  2. Varun Sharma permalink

    I have been to Chowki Dhani very recently and found the place worth to watch in JAIPUR. It’s the only place I have found so far in my visit to the famous pink city that I insits everyone to visit the place.

    Though I was able to explore only the LEFT Half of the place, I admit that the place is ir-resistible to go for. You must enjoy the way they serve the food there. There is so much [of warmth and affection in every individual who performs there.

    The way they serve food will surely make you remember the indian culture of “ATHITI DEVO BHAVA”. The fragrance of the food, taste and preparation all comes so natural that you will enjoy the every bite of your food and will feel the great affection for all those who works for making this success.

    I personally like the “BAJRE KI KHICHDI”. It’s a mouth watering dish and taste is awesome.

    The way they says “RAM RAM SA” is very touching and you will feel every emotion attached to those words

    It’s an experience of the lifetime for those who were visiting this place for the FIRST TIME.

    ******RAM RAM SA******

  3. I have been to the Chowki Dhani many times, and I love the place, especially the camel ride.

  4. shaluza permalink

    gud resort………bt not finding a layout plan for relate the spaces inside the resort………….plz..tell me the sitee where i can find its overall view..

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