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Amritsar, Golden domes and spicy papad city

by on July 16, 2007

Amritsar remains a city of tumultuous bazaars, of all modes of transport nearly missing all kinds of pedestrians, of stray dogs and placidly wandering cows, which seems same as told by my grandmother when I was small. Those who love Amritsar for them Golden temple has overtaken the Taj Mahal to become India’s most – visited monument. At heart’s it’s still the dera of Guru Ram Dass. It’s soul the incomparable Golden Temple, has desecrated and damaged countless time over centuries. Afghans and Mughals sacked the holy city several times, the Sikhs squabbled over it amongst themselves, it bears the scars of the violence of partition, the atrocities of Jallianwala Bagh and operation bluestar bears the scars. Yet each time the city has rebuilt its shrine and itself with unshakeable determination.

As the GT Road eases into the urban sprawl of Amritsar, the first tell tale sign is a rapid build up of traffic. Then concrete boxes replace the green fields. The faith of Harmandir commands continues to dominate the spirit of Amritsar, resulting in an overwhelming atmosphere of devotion. Make your parikrama of the Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib around the golden temple, partake of the langar and move on reassured of the brotherhood of humanity that is this gurudwara greatest gift to all comers. Wash your feet and climb up the marble steps. As you climb down again towards the centre of the complex, the Golden temple is revealed to you in all its glory. The shining façade of this graceful gurudwara is accentuated not only by hundreds lights but by the faith and devotion it commands from its followers, many of whom are not even of the Sikh faith.

amritsar-golden-temple.jpgThe Harmandir Sahib consists of two large shrines and many smaller subsidiary shrines. All set around a large tank known as the Lake of Nectar. The complex is a sea of white marble, trimmed with eye- catching features picked out in gold leaf and fine stone inlay. The airwaves are dominated by the sweet sounds of gurbani, the Sikhs hymns. Bathing in the Amrit Sarovar is of course an ancient tradition. The water is believed to have healing powers and so draws the sick and the ailing from all faiths. Bring a towel along if you want to go in for a dip. There is walled off portion where woman may bath.

The streets around the complex are dotted with many gurudwaras and spots of historical interest. The temple is situated in the oldest area of the city, abutted by ancient, crowded bazaars dotted with elderly historical buildings. The Gurudwara Baba atal and the Gurudwara Mata Kaulan are both within walking distance if the Harmandir as is the Guru Ke Mahal where the Guru’s lived when Golden Temple was under construction. Also nearby is the charming Gurudwara Saragarhi sahib.

amritsar-jalianwala-bagh.jpgJallianwala Bagh is small clearing outside the Old city, is lined on every side by buildings outside a high, unbroken wall. It is very easy to miss the single small entrance to the spot where on April 13, 1919, a crowd filed through this same narrow alley to hear a nationalist speech or two. However Brigadier General Reginald Dyer decided to break up the assembly. He blocked the alley with armored cars and ordered his troops to open fire on the peaceful, unarmed crowd. Over 300 people, including children, died and closed to a thousand were injured. Now its landscaped garden with a museum run by the Jallianwala Bagh Trust. It’s favorite with children, who play hide- and- seek in its hedges. The well has been bricked up, trees planted where the corpses lay. The original boundary walls have also been preserved, complete with the dents circled in white paint and labeled bullet mark.

The markets of the Old city are much more exotic than the main shopping areas of the New City. The Hall Bazaar in the purana shehr and the areas surroundings the Kotwali are vast and traditional shopping areas. Their pickles and papad are famous. The bazaar outside Darbara Sahib is the place where you will found stainless steel cutlery and consecrated weaponry.

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  1. mansajit kaur permalink

    dhan dhan guru ramdass ji tera hi ut asra

  2. Bir Singh permalink

    It is the real beauty on the earth

  3. ravi permalink








  5. Rajbir Kaur permalink

    Harmandir Sahib Ji is really heaven on earth I have not seen any other place like Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji, What I asked for when I was there all my wishes were fullfilled.

  6. well Punjab is a nice country in da whole world u can visit there if u want 2 know more information abt these coountry

  7. jasvir kaur cheema permalink

    nank nam chardi kalla tarey bhane sarbat da bhalla

    o mighty god i am greateful to you. you have given me too mutch.

  8. BALBIR SINGH permalink

    “jitthe jaye bahe mera satguru , so thaan suhava ram raje”

    is mahaan teerath di ustat layee mere nimane kool sabad nahi han

    je kite dharti te shanti da sagar, sab sukhan da khajana, dharti te hai, taa ih sab pawan pavitar harmandir sahib ch hai, meri akaal purkh sache pita parmeshwar de charan kamlan vich ardaas hai ki vo sansaar de har jeev nu samratha bakshe , ki har jeev is pavitar ruhani sagar di choo pa sake, te guru sahib sab jeevan nu is bhav sagar to par karan. nanak naam chardi kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala.

  9. jasvind singh permalink

    it ia a heaven on earth. may waheguru bless me and my family.

  10. i really love so uch to amitsar because i like there and i live there

  11. surender singh barhwal permalink

    golden temple is very important place of punjabi culture i know that this temple is real God .i thought that every person seen the GOD.

  12. Simran permalink

    he sache pita Vaheguru!!!!! Aap de darbar te sabdi wish fufill hondi hai…..sab de upar kripa banaye rakhana…waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh!!!!

  13. Sanjeev Dhiman permalink

    I have visited this nice place on 24 January 2009 – 27 January 2009. This is very very cool and nice place. My desire is to visit this place frequently.

  14. komal permalink

    It is a most pious place on the earth. U feel like sitting near God.Its Heaven.I pray to vaheguru to bless all and allow me come there again and again. sat naam vaheguru.

  15. Ravinder SHarma verka permalink

    Satnam waheguru .Golden temple is the best best religous place in the world.

  16. aman permalink

    sat sri akal, this is the fabulous experience that anyone on this world ever been in golden temple just check it out.

  17. jatinder kumar permalink

    I pray to shri Guru granth sahib that kindly show me path to reach out in the home of god.

  18. rajdeep permalink

    sat sri akal ji…sachey patshah hamesha sab uppar apna pyaar
    bhareya hath hamesha rakhana…meinu sab to jayada peace golden temple n sare pawitar sathana te ja k mildi hai …mai hamesha ehi kehdi ha ki rabba sareya da bhala kari…apne charna de naal jor k rakhi…mai hamesha tuhanu he manga
    ..meinu hor kise ve cheez di bhukh na rehey…meinu pata hai
    ki mai bohut galtia kitiaa ne…rabba apni bachi samaz k muaf kar devi….sat sri akal ji

  19. The haven on the earth,where you can meet the God if you wish with heart.

  20. MEHTAB AHLUWALIA permalink

    Golden temple is not only a temple its a place where u can see love for god n for people, the fresh air n the atmosphere will make u feel hevenly, u can also see the real respect of sihkism and god.

  21. Prince permalink

    hai sachi patsa miri uttai mear kar sari jahan nu sada sukhi ravan sarai sansar nu jardi cala vich rava jai miri koi galti hugay apni anjaan bachiya samajki sanoo maaf karna. miri utti remeth kar miri uti daya karo miri sari dukh door kardi. nanak nam chardi kala tiri pani sarbat da pala!!!! boli sonihal sat sri akal!!! vahiguru ji ka khalsa sri vaheguru ji ki fateh!!!

  22. Subrat permalink

    Looks stunning!!!!

  23. raghu chopra permalink

    if anybody who don’t have visited this place will not be able to say this that i have seen heaven

  24. Suru sahib pls fufills the all”s wishes & my too.

  25. amar permalink

    it`s real that The GOD is on the earth. i have seen in the form of a temple. I wished not only 4 me but 4 all….

  26. this is incrdibal tempel.
    i inspire this golden templ

  27. Jaspreet permalink

    Once you take a dip in holly water you feel that all your sole is Pavitr now and become so pure that’s magic of Guru Saab, ” PL call me again for your Darshan”

  28. Baljeet Singh permalink

    Guru sahib pls fufills the all ‘s wishes & my too.

  29. “Dithey Sabhe Thav Nahi Tudh Jeheya” In these words of Gurbani Guru Ji says that no place of world can be like Harimandir Sahib

  30. reshma permalink

    guru saab pls fulfil everbody wishess & my t00

  31. reshma permalink

    its really wonderfull & wish as come true it really amazing guru saab pls fulfill every body wishesh

  32. Kinky time 2k8 permalink

    The Best Place On Earth !!!! ! ! ! !!! ! ! ! ! ! !!

  33. sangeeet permalink

    it”s a heaven on earth

  34. Kawaldeep Singh permalink

    It is the best Gurdwara in the world and no place of worship can take its place.

  35. tania tanveer permalink

    asalamualikum im muslum pakistani girl but i love to see a historical n relegious places of different sects n realy golden temple is toooooooooo much beautiful temple my wish k i can visit n see this temple in my life n this temple is loooking very owesome in night view realy beautifullllllllll ok ALLAH HAFIZ

  36. Soul of indian”s

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