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Matheran, weekend destination from Mumbai

by on July 11, 2007

Matheran is a true adventure destination for trekkers to get up the forested slopes from Neral to the tiny hill station on top. There are also many ways of making the journey now apart from trekking, including on horseback, in hand pulled carts and its very own toy train. For preserving this ecological sensitive zone, the Maharashtra Tourism thankfully has banned motor vehicles from the town limits and making it a beautiful hill station and a perfect gateway for Mumbaikars in weekend.

Matheran has a thick cover of evergreen forest which acts like a giant air- conditioner, keeping this hill station cool and walker’s paradise. Although small has about 38 designated lookout points.Panorama Point, almost 5 km north of the market, is a trek that can be refreshing though long in the rains and in winter, but quite grueling in summers. You can view the Neral town and even on a clear day Mumbai in the west is also visible. Hart Point and Monkey Point are undisturbed and densely forested, these area are also recommended for birdwatchers. Crowds gather at Porcupine Point for the sunset. Louisa Point, to the west of the market offers a view of the ruins of Prabai Fort and also other grass- topped hills. One Tree- Hill Point is a truly scenic spot, especially after monsoon and has only one tree. From it a footpath leads southwards to Shivaji’s Ladder. And from Rambagh Point you can view Khandal and Karjat, from Alexander Point you can view Chauk Valley. The most visited place is the Charlotte Lake fringed by the forest and Pisharnath Temple at one end.Matheran as a

hill station of Maharashtra is again famous for its chikki’s. Salted channa and fresh honey are other must-buys from the bazaar, which runs along the railway station road.There are many resorts and hotels like Richie Rich Resorts, the Byke Retreat etc. There are all sorts of restaurants available in Matheran however the best for Guajarati thali is the Gujarat Bhavan and Shabbir’s a small eating place famous for its mutton and chicken biryani and the local bakery also produce great bread.

  1. Taha permalink

    hi! good information.i think i have to go to matheran

  2. Maqsood permalink

    I m maqsood from neral and matheran. i spent my childhood here at neral and now i m at hyderabad and surfing my childhood memories.

  3. shriya permalink

    hey……..i m interested……how do i get in touch…………..
    my id is

  4. Everybody out there…I LIVE at Matheran. Want to have an off-the-beaten-track experience, Flora/Fauna, heritage Bungalows, history? Get in touch.

  5. bnavi permalink

    i also visited the place during monsoons, and it was fun walking and enjoying the toy train

  6. Dushyant permalink

    Hey good information, the place is great during the mosoons, minus the red wet mud.

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