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Bheemeshwari, weekend destination from Bangalore

by on July 11, 2007

A barefoot walk along the river’s edge, sipping coffee on the verandah of your cabin overlooking the river, being woken up by monkey’s jumping on your tent, are the view here. Nature treks into the wilderness, coracle rides, kayaking, outdoor camping, amateur fishing and professional angling. You may catch glimpse of rare species of birds, wild elephants and sloth bears.Bheemeshwari’s Cauvery Fishing camp and two more camps at Doddamakkalli and Galibore along the Cauvery are run by Jungle Lodges as wildlife retreats and adventure resorts.

Mahseer is the angler’s paradise as one of the best fishing Camps in the world. The camp also conducts amateur fishing with guides to help you learn the ropes. The camp allows 10 lines for the season for professionals, so book well in advance as the camp is in high demand from angler’s across the globe.
Wildlife Treks are conducted in three categories easy, medium and tough ranging from a 4- 30 km distance. The treks take you to the neighboring hills, full of wildlife and plants used in ayurveda. You can also view the rural life as you pass through some of the villages.Boat rides in coracles and barbecues at sun down along the river’s edge are the extras here. Swimming is not allowed because of crocodiles in the water.

Doddamkkali is 7 km upstream from Bheemeshwari is deep in the forest in a valley ideal for lovers who are willing to rough it out. Galibore 16 km downstream however involves a more circuitous route by road which takes almost 1 ¼ hours. Both camps are similar to Bheemeshwari and offer similar activities, but on smaller scale as they not provide electricity.

In Bheemeshwari you can stay at The Cauvery Fishing Camp which has 9 Swiss tented cottages and long 8 huts. Galibore Fishing Camp has 10 Swiss twin-bedded cottages with attached loos and many more.

  1. Sharma permalink

    Friends, any contact number to book the camp (place to stay) in advance???? If yes, please shoot..

  2. uma permalink

    Could any one suggest whether coming weekend, April 10th to 12th is a right time to visit Bheemeshwari? what is the condition of the river this time..

  3. i would like to go to Bheemeshwari next year.
    thank you for this blog.
    take care of yourself bnavi .

  4. Hey, Do you the bus route from bangalore to bheemeshweri?

  5. bnavi permalink

    Hope for the best. However the camps are opened all year round. The angling season is October to mid- April

  6. HI, I’ve been trying to gather as much information on the world wide web about Bhimeshwari from the day one a female friend of mine blurted that name. I searched some blogs also, but they were not as useful. But you seem to reinvoke my zest to visit the place by the soonest. Maybe this weekend we will head toward that place, if rain gods do not go berserk. Thank you.

  7. bnavi permalink

    Thankyou so much, well before going to Bheemeshwari make your reservations at the camp so that you do not face any issues at the time of check in.

  8. Arjun Kumar permalink

    Hey i would love to go to Bheemeshwari in my next holidays. I have visited Nandi Hills they were amaging especially in monsoons.

    Keep blogging, waiting for your new destination

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