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Haridwar, the religious weekend spot from Delhi

by on July 10, 2007


HaridwarFor the millions of Hindus going to Haridwar is like fulfilling a life’s ambition. It is believed that Lord Vishnu left his footprint on a rock, and where Prince Bhagirath performed penance, in response to which Lord Shiva sent forth the Ganga cascading from his knotted locks.

Although who are not religious are stuck by the atmosphere of the town. Haridwar as we see it on postcards like believers bathing on the ghats, saffron- clad sadhus deep in meditation, families performing funerals, priest and the common people worshipping the sun.

HaridwarIts chief attraction is the Har-ki-Pauri, its main ghat. One does not miss its evening aarti at the ghat, by watching the lights of thousands of diyas floating on the river, carrying hopes and aspirations of millions with them.

You can find many hotels around the market near Har-Ki-Pauri like Haveli Hari Ganga, Classic Residency, Sagar Ganga Resort etc.

HaridwarIt’s against the law to carry non-veg food and alcohol into Haridwar. There are many good dhabas and restaurant in the market near to Har-Ki-Pauri. If you are a huge fan of sweets than you can go for the rabri, rasmalai, peras and barfis at the famous Brijwasi Mithaiwalla sweet shop at the Heera Complex in Bara Bazaar. You can also try the kachoris and other chat here, which are also delicious.

  1. true haridwar is nearest hill station from delhi

  2. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Me Montu Dewassi

    Muje HariDawar Ke Photos

    Sahiye To Pls Sent Karna

  3. i have more photo from haridwar

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