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Jim Corbett National Park Corbett, the first nati…

by on July 4, 2007

Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett, the first national park and tiger reserve in India, is located in the valley of the Ramganga River near the foothills of the Himalayas. Its proximity to Delhi and its wildlife make it a must visit destination for residents and guests tempted to go beyond the capital of India. While visiting Corbett you would be able to stay right within it at Dhikala and other forest rest house.
For birdwatchers, there are over 580 species to view; moreover you can also view reptiles such as turtles and gharial. All of which make Corbett one of the most complete wildlife experiences, besides being close enough to them without any hesitation.
Tourists are only allowed restricted entry by permit into about 100km of the tiger reserve area. You can enter them through Dhikala from the Dhangarhi gate, Bijrani from the Amdanda gate and Jhirna from the Dhela gate. Permission to enter the park are issued at the Tourist Reception Centre or the park’s entrance gate at Dhangarhi for Dhikala which is also the main center of activity in the park.
Visitors must move around in the park by car or jeep, accompanied by a licensed guide and most important walking is strictly prohibited and if found you will be arrested. There are few private resorts spread out and the forest department also provides few rest houses in the reserve area. Entry fee for Indians is Rs 30; foreigners Rs. 350, for elephant ride Indians Rs. 100, foreigners Rs 200 and a licensed guide Rs. 75 per trip.
You can also take a safari among the muddy tracks of Corbett lined with shoulder high grass on both the side or hire a vehicle from the forest Department or various tour organizers. You should carry a pair of binoculars, water and a heat gear. You might not be lucky enough to sight a tiger but you might certainly hear the roar of one or see the tiger’s pugmarks or his half eaten kill. Full jeep hire costs Rs700 from KMVN. Private jeeps are also available outside the park gates at Rs500-600 for the trip.
Clambering onto an elephant is the most promising way of tracking tigers. Plus you would also feel safe when you spot tiger while the elephant moves up closer to give you a better view. Also try the elephant safari at least once, preferably in the evening. Make your booking at the Forest Department well in advance as these rides are popular and get fully booked very soon. Fishing is not allowed inside the reserve.
Corbett also has many resorts in the area, which are full of vacationers on weekends for part of the year when the park is closed. So do book in advance.

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    Hi ,Your work is really good, as I m from Corbett-Ramnagar and special thing is that I m working in corbett for more then 10years, my both elder brothers are Senior Naturist here in Corbett may b in your trip you hv met them named Khem and Amrit, any ways your informations r true, for more information or any reservation in Corbett you can contact me any time at and whenever you’ll come here again pl. arrange a meet,it will b grt to see you here again, and you can promot my above email to those who asks you abt Corbett as Arun. Hopping for a reply. Bye.

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