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Goa, The Tourist Paradise

by on July 2, 2007

Ibiza of India, Goa is the hottest destination for bohemian rivers and the raging sea. Goa offers a seductive atmosphere with a plethora of things to do, at the same time, relax. Swim in the open sea, lounge in the sensuous sun or get high on life. It is the place to be.Geographically, Goa is a small state in the west coast of India. Surrounded on the coastal side by the Arabian Sea, Goa’s immediate land neighbours are Mumbai and Gujarat. Covering an area of 3702 square kilometers, Goa was liberated from the Portuguese rule in 1961 and went on to become a state in May 1987. Goa is divided into north and south zones with Panjim as the capital.Goa is the ultimate holiday destination not only for Indians but for foreigners as well because of the cost effective options available in plenty. Popular amongst people from all age groups, you see couple, families and young groups alike thronging here in dozens. And rightly so. Goa is the best place to party, relax, sunbathe, shop and drink!

The golden beaches, the silky sand and the dusky sunset, what more do you need to make your vacation memorable? This with a nice massage on the beach, a nice chill cocktail and a book beside you…spells heaven on earth. Water persons can busy themselves with para sailing, motor boats, banana boating etc.

Off the sea too, there are a good many things to do and see. Goa is the outcome of a rich and cultural heritage because of the Portuguese and Dutch influence. So there are a lot of churches, temples and remains of a thriving culture reminiscent in the architecture. The churches in Old Goa and Panjim have a charm of its own, both for religious significance and beauty. The famous Basilica of Bom Jesus is located 10 km east Panaji is considered as one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in India. An opulent structure, the Basilica incorporates white marble and has beautifully gilded altars decorated with frescoes and inlay work. Other famous churches are the mausoleum of St. Xavier, Se’ Cathedral, the Church and Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of Lady of Rosary; Church of St. Augustine are among some other famous Churches and Convents of Goa.
Some of the temples of Goa include Sri Mangesh Temple, Shri Ananta Temple and Shanta Durga temple etc.

If not water surfing or temple/church hopping, indulge in the most sinful activity here…eat. Goa offers the most amazing culinary delights varying from delicious sea food like squid, lobster, prawns and kingfish. Also try the lip smacking desserts and fresh fruit juices available in almost all the shacks. For those high on liquor, Goan wine besides the regular alcohol is a great option.

Goa is flooded with flea markets assorted with clothes, bags, shoes, lamp shades, bags and jewelery from across the globe. Sea shells and beautiful rosaries, crosses and port wine form excellent souvenirs.

Away from the materialistic delights, Goa is secular in the truest sense that religions across all origins live harmonious together. Churches with temples and mosques stand in complete harmony with each other, an example that everyone should follow.

This emerald territory tucked between the sea and land is indeed a very precious jewel of the great land of India.

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